Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Visual Presentations

Many people in business and education have to frequently sit through presentations where wordy documents are cut and pasted onto slides and thrown at an audiences through a projected Powerpoint presentation:

Another, more effective, approach is to use a presentation to tell a story in a slightly more visual way, as the following slideshow demonstrates.

Note that this sort of presentation works with or without actually seeing the presentation delivered live - and hearing what the presenter has to say.

Sometimes it may be that the presenter effectively enters into a conversation with the presentation, or becomes part of a double act with it, where both the presentation, and the spoken presentation, are required to get the full message.

At other times, the presenter doesn't explicitly refer to any slides, even though they may be there...

Alternatively, the presenter may 'create' the visuals as they deliver their talk:

Watch enough of the above videos to get a feel for the presentational style ion each case, then look through some of the presentations on Slideshare, and some of the presentation reviews on the Presentation Zen (posts tagged "delivery"). How do these new styles of presentation compare with the more typical, even "traditional" style of presentation as ridiculed in the first video in this post?

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